Areaplan Spazio

The steel structure guarantees solidity and is designed to accommodate the hydraulic and electrical systems, assuring that they can be inspected.

Melamine, wood, lacquered and glass are the materials used to decorate the partition walls and allow the most varied combinations with the other collections in the Frezza furniture range.

An important function is given by the different types of doors that can be made with glass or with blind panels, which by means of the drop down seal allow to maintain excellent performance in terms of noise reduction, a peculiar feature of the system.

The use of glass panelling, available in single or double version, makes the partition system look more light.

In combination with Areaplan Spazio, Frezza presents an equipped partition wall system designed to contain doxes and folders of various heights as well as suspended folders.

The different modularity proposed in width and depth make the product extremely versatile and adaptable to the various layout requirements.
The internal shelves are in metal to guarantee greater solidity in terms of load capacity.


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