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Product categories

Office furniture and solutions that improve the way you work

Frezza produces quality office furniture and hospitality solutions. It represents the Made in Italy trademark worldwide, using internationally recognized designers and an internal research and development team, oriented towards technological and aesthetic innovation. All solutions are designed to promote well-being, respect the environment and improve work spaces.


Furnishing the executive office in modern style: the new MUX70

Executive office furniture captures the needs of an ever-changing world. Ergonomics, flexibility, customisation and, of course, design: the demand for a new understanding of the executive office, which goes from an isolated place to a space for team collaboration, can be found in Frezza’s proposals for today’s workplace.This collection is the result of an analysis […]

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Frezza: a 70-year long story, from 1954 to today

From a small family-run furniture factory to an established international design brand: the historic Treviso-based company celebrates its 70th anniversary. From the 1950s to today, between iconic pieces and innovation, Frezza continues to interpret the ever-changing contemporary office, and looks to the future in the name of circularity. From the roots to the branches: the […]

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Partition walls or modular panel systems? Here are the differences

Designing an office with partitions is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. The contemporary workplace evolves together with the reality of those who live in it and requires solutions that respond to a new living philosophy, such as space flexibility and maximum furniture customisation. Partition walls offer an architectural concept that doesn’t act directly on […]

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Frezza’s design for evolution at Workspace Expo Paris 2024

Once again this year Frezza will be attending Workspace Expo, a trade fair entirely dedicated to design, furnishing and workspace planning which will be held in Paris from 26th to 28th March 2024. This event represents a unique opportunity to interact, exchange ideas and connect with people while keeping up with the latest trends and […]

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Frezza’s social responsibility: investing in people and territory

The concept of “sustainability” is connected not only to environmental awareness, but also to fundamental human values and a new understanding of the economy. Frezza understands business as a positive force and a concrete and effective tool for creating lasting prosperity shared by the entire community. It means that the “total value” that we generate […]

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