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Office furniture and solutions that improve the way you work

Frezza produces quality office furniture and represents the Made in Italy trademark worldwide, using internationally recognized designers and an internal research and development team, oriented towards technological and aesthetic innovation. All solutions are designed to promote well-being, respect the environment and improve work spaces.


Resimercial: the ‘domestic’ approach that redesigns the office

The design world is like the fashion world: nothing is destroyed, everything is reinvented. The resimercial approach to the office world fits into this specific philosophy, rediscovering a trend that had already appeared in design magazines back in 2018 through a lockdown perspective. What does resimercial mean? The term is simply a syncretism, a fusion of the words residential and…

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Love That Design talks about Alplus together with architects Graur and Zanic

Love That Design is a global platform that brings together the best interior design projects in the Middle East and Africa, with a special focus on the business sector. Here you can discover the most innovative products and companies and get in touch with renowned professionals. This month they are dedicating a long insert to our Alplus collection. The article,…

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The future in a nutshell: how will we design offices?

More than a year has passed since the Covid-19 emergency began and several global studies are questioning the office evolution, the changing working habits and the consequences of digital transformation processes. Is this the end of open spaces? Will we all have to have a home office, even though space in it is becoming increasingly limited? We’ve already talked about…

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Krispy Kreme: new corporate offices in Mexico City

With more than 1.000 stores worldwide, and a history going back to the 30s, Krispy Kreme is one of the most recognizable brands in America and the confectionery world in general, thanks to its famous doughnuts. At the end of 2020, the company renovated its headquarters in Mexico City, entrusting the selection and definition of all furniture to our partners…

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6 common problems in virtual meetings (and how to solve them)

Virtual meetings are an essential part of today’s working life. However, they are often difficult to manage and, in some cases, can become a frustrating waste of time. In this article, we examine the most common problems that occur when scheduling videoconferences and give a few tips on how to solve them easily. 1. Too many platforms to choose from…

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