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Office furniture and solutions that improve the way you work

Frezza produces quality office furniture and represents the Made in Italy trademark worldwide, using internationally recognized designers and an internal research and development team, oriented towards technological and aesthetic innovation. All solutions are designed to promote well-being, respect the environment and improve work spaces.

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How to clean the office

Where is the most germ-infested spot in your office (domestic or traditional)? Some studies provide a surprising answer: dirt and pathogens have a real passion for desks, and it’s the objects we place on our work tables that have to take the blame. A typical case is represented by keyboards and mouses: on their surfaces we can find bacterial colonies…

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Managing priorities in individual work: more efficiency, less stress!

To be competitive we need to have skills, be part of a close-knit team, have a strong work ethic and perform as efficiently as possible in the shortest amount of time. In a nutshell we must become perfect workers, regardless of the workload or unforeseen situations that may arise (think Covid-19 emergency). While the first three items are a mix…

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Office design: how we’ll be working in 2021

Out of necessity rather than choice, 2020 was the year of home working. If all goes well, 2021 will see a gradual return to the company premises. The office will be the centre of working life again, but it won’t be the same as before, and there will be a new normality. The focus for the new year will be…

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2020 with Frezza: the top 6 of the year

In this unpredictable year, talking about the office, relationships with colleagues and productivity has had a different meaning than usual. Companies have been forced to rethink their workplace safety strategies and smart working has become a necessity for many workers. The issues that have shaped 2020 have acquired a more intimate value, entering in our home sphere and moving increasingly…

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How to keep harmony and team spirit alive when working from home

“Smart working’ does not have to be the opposite of ‘team working’. Affinity and team spirit are valuable assets for companies and employees. You can cultivate them even far away from the office. Here are some strategies to consider.   Maintain contact continuity. In the office, daily interactions between colleagues foster a natural sense of community. In smart working, however,…

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