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Office furniture and solutions that improve the way you work

Frezza produces quality office furniture and represents the Made in Italy trademark worldwide, using internationally recognized designers and an internal research and development team, oriented towards technological and aesthetic innovation. All solutions are designed to promote well-being, respect the environment and improve work spaces.

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Home office: how to design and organize a small space

Home working has become a common habit for most people. Some people tested it for the first time during the COVID-19 emergency and others have been using smartworking as a lifestyle for years. Both situations share the common necessity of having a dedicated workspace area separated from the rest of the house, where to manage activities that require greater concentration…

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Do you want to be efficient and satisfied? Adopt a positive approach

Is there a recipe for being happy, productive at work and satisfied with what we do? This question may have an affirmative answer. According to the positive Psychology advocates, the solution could be found in the increasingly widespread approach of focusing on a person’s strengths rather than observing their weaknesses. How to “think positive” To be “positive” means to be…

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Frezza Partner Insights: Desmo UK Limited

In this new episode of the Frezza Partner Insights we interviewed Bim Akin-Agunbiade, CEO of Desmo UK. The company, whose name stands for DESign MOvement, is based in UK and Nigeria, and provides interior design, supply and fit-out solutions across Great Britain, West and Central Africa. Its aim has always been to create innovative and cutting edge solutions for clients,…

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5 reasons (+1) for choosing an ergonomic seat

We often see pictures of people working with laptops while lying on a sofa or sipping coffee on an armchair. What a mistake! There are a few basic rules that must be adopted before sitting in front of a screen for several hours. Work, in order to be efficient, requires the use of an ergonomic seating solution, which mustn’t force…

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Why we need an office

The months of global lockdown in 2020 have shown that smart working can be a valid alternative to traditional office work. In the meantime, many companies have faced the need to re-plan their workplaces by adopting new procedures to ensure a safe social distancing between employees. Despite having read and heard of it from various sources, this situation doesn’t necessarily…

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