Baguette – reception

The reception desk is available in two depths, 60 and 80 cm, to meet space requirements and is available in several lengths. High flexibility and modularity are the two strong points of the Baguette reception office furniture, which comes from the combination of the Pop Easy, Square, Ace and Woody desks, to which vertical panels with a height of 110 cm and corner elements for more articulated compositions are fixed.

The structural end panel closes the entire workstation and is available in two depths: 62 cm and 82 cm.

The linear module is completed with an 40 cm deep upper shelf made of melamine, supported by brackets, useful as a support. It’s an easy element to install and reconfigure at any time, transforming the reception desk into a traditional workstation.

The possibility of wiring the Baguette reception, both vertically and horizontally, makes the workstation perfectly suited to support work and reception activities. The electrification ducts underneath the floor allow the cables to be routed between the different modules and then lowered to the ground through metal casings or articulated cable duct.


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