Roberto Danesi


Roberto Danesi was born in Bolzano in 1949; he completed his art and architectural studies at the Venice IUAV University. His researches have always been focused, since his apprenticeship years, on office designing. He started his profession in 1980 as a product designer, art director, graphic designer and company advisor for both Italian and foreign office firms. Mr. Danesi has worked in many other fields, such as house furniture, contract, packaging, graphic and fabric design; lately his activity has expanded in interior and architectural design. Danesi designed multiple collections for Frezza; here are some ofthe most important ones: in the executive area we can find D.O.S., MUX, SILVER and TIPER desks, characterized by a futuristic and technologic aluminium structure. In this area we can also find the “CX collection” desks, which combine the elegance of aluminium with wood and other refined materials. In the operative area we can find the SLAM and INTELL collections.