K evo

The K evo partition wall system offers a single-glazed system with adjustable single-cavity profiles, that can absorb wall dimensional tolerances.

With K evo walls all spaces are in constant visual connection through the glass partitions that delimit the rooms.

The glass walls are laminated and are available in a transparent or acid-etched finish or can be decorated with adhesive film. It is also possible to use laminated glass with higher noise reduction.

The possibility of choosing the completely glazed K Evo partition wall, with 10 mm thick glass (for walls up to 2.80 metres high), 12 mm thick glass (for walls up to 3.10 metres high), or blind glass with 38 mm thick melamine or lacquered panels, makes it possible to create different configurations according to the privacy requirements of the rooms.

A mixed version is also available with blind panel strips in the lower part and glazed panel parts in the upper part. This makes it possible to have privacy inside the room without sacrificing natural light.The mixed version partition wall can be equipped with a profile used to attach aluminium, melamine, lacquered (28 mm thick) transparent or etched tempered glass (12 mm thick) shelves.

The two and three-way corner connections can also be made with adjustable angle elements that allow you to create any required geometric design.

The melamine or aluminium technical compartment can be inspected and allows the wall to be equipped with electrical sockets for room electrification and touch screens that enable you to book meeting rooms.

The absence of vertical uprights ensures visual continuity, giving the environment an extreme formal cleanliness.


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