designer: Favaretto and Partners

Stand By Sofa

Stand By Sofa is a sofa that stands out for its aesthetics suitable for open spaces, and offers a space where you can exchange information, phone calls and prepare documents in absolute peace and privacy. Aesthetics and function, by adding side and back panels, change completely: from a traditional waiting and contract sofa, it becomes a protected place surrounded by soundproofed panels covered in coordinated fabric, for a more secluded working environment and for greater privacy.

The sofa is available for one or two people with a 4-leg tubular steel frame, with a chrome or black or white painted finish. The internal structure of the seat, backrest and armrests are made of plywood panels. The padding is in flexible polyurethane and the fabric upholstery can be plain or with a combination of two colours. A memory foam layer is added to the seat padding to increase comfort.

Side and rear panels can be attached to the 2-seater sofa to create insulated spaces with excellent sound and visual protection. The cold foamed polyurethane resin panels have an internal structure in self-supporting steel, covered with a thin padding, upholstered with fabric. The use of the Europost2 covering guarantees a high level of privacy and shielding from external noise. The document holder accessory is available in folded metal sheet, painted white or black.


EMMEGI_Stand By Sofa Abstract
EMMEGI_Stand By Sofa Data sheet
EMMEGI_Stand By Sofa Colour chart