designer: Marco Zito

Alplus – bench

The strong mixture between relaxation areas and spaces where intense concentration is required is supported by the Alplus office furniture system: suitable for every working area, it dialogues with the same aesthetic language, creating an exclusive environment.

In addition to traditional workstations, the flexibility of Alplus benches, armchairs and sofas creates a unique and homogeneous furnishing proposal.

The Alplus bench is suitable for those who need to spend time relaxing but also working comfortably. The technology is integrated in various furnishing elements for a quick connection and a constant exchange of information.

It is possible to attach comfortable 35 cm high armrests to the bench, either fixed with a 35 cm diameter round top or with a 40×30 cm swivel top for laptop support.

The backrests of the seats are predisposed to attach removable dividing panels, made with polyurethane and covered in fabric, that create an acoustically protected space. These panels allow to delimit defined spaces inside the working environment.

The functionality of the Alplus collection is also reflected through a series of user friendly accessories and complements designed to simplify the daily work routine, such as metal storage trays and support tops that contribute to adding practicality to the benches.


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