Prima – armchair

In the past, the market for theatre, cinema and auditorium seats has experienced a tumultuous development that has seen the creation of a specialized market niche for these products.

In order to be able to validly compete, Frezza has, within its Emmegi division, developed an extremely accurate and refined product that not only reconfirms the consolidated axiom of Italian quality, but also presents advantages in terms of customization, size and accessories, and in flexibility of use.

Prima, in fact, has a variety of interaxle spacings, (the distance between the axes of two consecutive armrests) from 52 to 58 cm and from 55 to 58 cm in the anti-panic tablet version. This particular flexibility, combined with a backrest height of 86 cm and a depth of 64 – 71 cm, make the product competitive in many environments, such as historical theatres, cinemas, conference rooms and corporate auditoriums, i.e. the place where a company invites its customers to a specific event.

Structurally, the Prima conference room armchair uses multi-layer wood elements connected by solid steel components, while the padding is made of CFC-free, fire-retardant polyurethane foam.

The use of wood privileges the acoustic performance that the product must guarantee, especially in the theatrical application. It should be noted that counter structures and backrests are also available in wood, designed to emphasize the acoustic performance and to characterize Prima in its use in historic buildings.

Wooden armrests are also available, in addition to the possibility of numbering rows and armchairs. The shaping of the so-called “ground” side also makes it possible to create curved layouts that are essential for theatrical use.

This configuration is optimal to allow the installation of electronic equipment for simultaneous translation and voting or of armrest mounted microphones.

A wide range of upholstery is available, with options ranging from technical fabrics and eco-leather, ideal for corporate applications, to velvet materials that characterize cinemas and theatres.


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