Max – executive chair

Customizable in three different backrest heights, Max lends itself to different uses. As an executive seat it fits naturally into work spaces where attention to ergonomics and formal rigour become important. As a visitor chair it becomes the ideal stylistic complement for any office environment, from waiting and meeting areas to the desk front.

The generous polyurethane padding of the seat and backrest, combined with the sturdiness of the internal wooden and steel supports, make Max particularly suitable for intensive use, while the adjustment functions, which are easy to use, allow to adjust posture in the best possible way.

To relieve tension in the back muscles, often due to prolonged use of the video terminal, it becomes important to be able to adjust the position of the seat. In this regard, Max has a synchronised mechanism that can be locked in 5 positions, with lateral adjustment of the backrest resistance in relation to the weight of the user and anti-shock release system.

The height-adjustable lumbar support ensures that the backrest adheres properly to the user’s spine.

Seat elevation by means of a gas pump is always combined with the 5-spoke swivel base, with rubber wheels, while, for the low backrest version only, a fixed base with feet coupled to the automatic return system of the seat in front position is available.

To complete the family, a wide range of fabrics and leathers are available. It is possible to choose between the aluminium upholstered armrest (covered in the same colour as the seat) or the fully upholstered polyurethane padded armrest.


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