Pop – lounge table

The Frezza lounge and coffee tables, offered in different shapes and materials, have been designed to meet these demands. Proposed in three different heights, 40 – 74 – 105 cm, they lend themselves to different working solutions but can also be easily combined with armchairs and sofas in relaxation environments.

The 105 cm high tables become places of inspiration more than simple workstations when placed inside offices. Ideal as a meeting and communication point, they promote collaboration and at the same time work efficiency. They can also be used for short standing meetings and promote spontaneous posture changes that have a positive effect on health.

The height-adjustable louge tables are available in both fixed and wheeled versions, allowing them to be easily moved according to the needs of the moment. Proposed both with a circular top with a diameter of 60 cm and a square top with a 60 cm side, the fixed version provides an adjustment from 75 cm to 112 cm while the mobile version allows the height of the top to be adjusted in a range from 88 cm to 125 cm.

The 74 cm high tables are designed to favour an ergonomic posture during work in the lounge areas and it is possible to choose between round and square shapes, surfaces in white or black and chrome or aluminium bases.


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