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This document is the "Privacy Policy" of the www.frezza.com and is addressed to all those who use the web services of Frezza SPA which are available in the net by entering the above address.
The informative note, required pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 "Personal data protection code", describes the manner in which the site is managed with regards to the personal data of the users who visit the site; all data is processed following a strict code of legality, correctness, pertinence and with no surplus.
This informative note is not valid for any other sites the user could consult by clicking on links that are found in our site: www.casamania.it
The "owner" of the processing of any personal data taken further to consulting our site is Frezza SPA, in Via Ferret, 11/9, 31020 Vidor (Treviso – Italy)
All processing relative to the web services offered by the site is done in the offices of Frezza SPA as above, by specialised operators appointed for this task or by other occasional maintenance operators.
No data that is acquired from our Web services will be notified or divulged to others; any personal data the users supply us with further to their specific requests, is used exclusively for the service requested by them and is only notified to third parties in those cases where it is strictly necessary for the service (see the chapter (optional data supply)
Apart from the data required for surfing, the user is free to supply the personal data requested in the Frezza SPA registration form if they wish to receive informative material and other communications. Failure to supply said data could mean it is impossible for us to satisfy their request. Furthermore, in certain cases (which do not fall under normal site management) the Authorities could request news and information as given by art. 157 Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, for the purpose of controlling the personal data processing; in this case we are obliged to respond with risk of administrative sanctions if we fail to do so.
In those cases where access to reserved areas of the site requires a "user name" and a "password", it is your responsibility to keep these reserved and to immediately inform us should unauthorised persons use them.
Surfing data
The computer systems and software used by the site, acquire certain personal data in the normal course of the service, which is implicit to be able to use the Internet communications protocols.
It is data that does not enable us to identify the user, for example, name, address and e-mail address, unless the user expressly supplies this.
This category includes the IP addresses or the computer domain names used by users who connect to the site, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to make the request to the server, the size of the file supplied in answer, the numeric code relative to the answer given by the server (successful outcome, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the operating system and the environment used by the user.
This data is cancelled immediately after processing and is used exclusively for anonymous statistics data relative to the use of the site and to check it is working correctly. The data could also be used to investigate responsibility in the event of computer crimes that damage the site; apart from this possibility, the data relative to the web contacts is not stored for more than seven days.
In supplying our web services, we do not use cookies for transmitting personal data, nor do we use the so-called persistent cookies of any nature, i.e. user tracking systems. 
The use of so-called session cookies (which are not permanently stored in the user's computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to transmitting session identification (formed of casual numbers that are generated by the server), needed for safe and efficient searching in the site.
The so-called session cookies used by the site mean recourse is not needed to other computer techniques that could compromise the privacy of the users' surfing and would not allow us to acquire the user's identification data.
Data freely supplied by the user
The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails to the addresses given in the site, means that the sender's address is automatically acquired, as it is needed to answer the request, together with any other personal data given in the message.
Specific brief information notes will be shown in the site pages relative to special services that are requested.

Our website uses technical cookies and third party cookies.

a) The cookies used directly from our website are the following:

[COOKIE_SUPPORT] Purpose: the content manager of the website system sets this cookie. It is used to test if the cookie support of the browser. It does not contain any personal information. It is a persistent navigation technical cookie.

[JSESSION_ID] Purpose: the content manager of the website system sets this cookie to detect the existence of an open session in the same website and is deleted when at the end of the session, that is when the browser is closed. It is an automatically generated ID. It doesn't contain any personal information. It is a session technical cookie.

[GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID] Purpose:  This cookie is set by the content manager of the website system. It stores the language of the contents showed to an anonymous user. It is a persistent navigation technical cookie.

b) Third party cookies

Other cookies are installed visiting the pages of our website, but they are handled exclusively from third party. In particular:

Google Analytics: The website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service supplied from Google, to analyze history, visitors count, navigation statistics.

Le information and privacy notes related the use and the agreement to use Google cookies are available to the following links:

Information note on "How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps"


Informative and general notes on Google services


Informative notes on Google Analytics cookies



How to refuse the use of Google Analitycs cookies

You need to download and install a browser plug-in available at the following link https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=it

Pinterest: Pinterest is  a social network  used to share photosvideo and images that allows users to create virtual boards to handle the gathering of images depending on pre-arranged or generated themes.

Informative and privacy notes related to the use and the agreement to use Pinterest cookies are available to the following links:


c) How to refuse the use of cookies or change the default behavior

The default behavior of almost all browsers is to automatically accept cookies. The computer browser to can be set to accept/refuse all cookies o to show a warning every time a cookie is submitted to evaluate the acceptance.

User can modify the default configuration and deactivate the cookies (blocking them definitively), setting the higher protection level. The behavior and the options to limit or block the cookie can be modified using the browser options.

The user can delete or deactivate all cookies, even individually, inside the software used to access the Web. To know how to delete or deactivate them see the following links (related to the widely used browsers), depending on the used browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer


Visit the websites http://www.aboutcookies.org or www.youronlinechoices.com for further informations on handle/delete cookies, depending on the browser used. To delete the cookies from your own smartphone/tablet, it's necessary to refer to the devidce user manual.

The personal data is automatically processed for the time strictly needed to fulfil the purpose the data was collected for.
Special security measures are observed to prevent data loss, illegal or incorrect use and unauthorised access, as required by law regarding the minimum security measures that must be applied. 
Furthermore, to enable us to supply you with a complete service, our portal contains links to other web sites, which are not managed by us. We are not responsible for errors, contents, cookies, publishing the contents, advertising, banners or files that do not conform to current legislation in force and the Privacy Law by sites that are referred to but not managed by us.
At any moment, the person the personal data refers to has the right to receive confirmation as to whether the data exists, its contents and the source, to check the data is exact and request it be integrated, updated or changed, as given by art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.
Under the terms of the same article, the person concerned has the right to ask for the data to be cancelled, to be made anonymous or to block any data that is processed in violation of law, and to refuse it being processed for legitimate reasons. 
Frezza SPA reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy to adapt it to any new legislation, and considering any suggestions that may be made by employees, customers, colleagues and users. Therefore, please check the date the informative note was updated each time you enter the site. 
PRIVACY INFORMATIVE NOTE for Customers and Suppliers
Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Personal Data protection code), any data relative to your company that is obtained further to our business relations, will be processed following a strict policy of correctness, legality and transparency to protect your privacy and rights.
Therefore pursuant to the above Decree, we inform you as follows:
Aims and processing method: the data relative to your company that you supply during our business relations, is processed exclusively for commercial and accounts purposes, and to satisfy the obligations established by current law, regulations and EEC directives. The data is processed by our operators both manually and electronically, and is kept and processed only for the period required to fulfil the above purposes, using tools and procedures that guarantee security and privacy.
Compulsory data supply: the personal data you give us is compulsory to be able to carry out the above operations. Failure to accept or authorise the use of your data means we are unable to begin or continue in our relations, as said data is essential for this purpose.
Notification and divulgence: Your personal data could be notified to third parties whose functions are connected or instrumental to our activities, such as factoring companies, banks, credit recovery firms, credit insurance firms, sales information companies, professionals and consultants, transport companies and our network of sales agents.
Rights of the person concerned: The person concerned can contact the processing owner to check the personal data, integrate, update and change it and/or exercise the other rights provided by art 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. In particular the person concerned can oppose the e-mail details from being processed at any time, if they are used for direct sales or marketing purposes. 
Processing owner: the processing owner of your data is Frezza SPA tax and vat code 00767170269, via Ferret, 11/9, 31020 Vidor (Treviso – Italy), in the person of the company Legal Representative.