designer: Baldanzi & Novelli

Victory – armchair

Victory is a collection designed by Adriano Baldanzi and Alessandro Novelli, conceived for conference halls as well as theatre and auditoriums.

Victory has been designed with a different backrest inclination depending on the the seat row to ensure an excellent view from every seat, even in case of flat floors.

The foldaway ergonomic seat comes with a polyurethane foam padding to ensure an excellent comfort.

The backrest, available in two heights, can be angled according to the seat and floor inclination.

Victory comes with a low side, fixed on a steel bar, or high side fixed directly to the floor through an aluminum base. The sides can be equipped with a foldable writing tablet that retracts into the armrest.

Victory can be fitted with a document holder as well as seat and row numbers. Electrical wires for simultaneous interpreting or voting system devices can be fitted too.


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EMMEGI_Victory Data sheet
EMMEGI_Victory Colour chart
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