Velvet – desk

The design of the ring structure underlines the solidity of these tables without appearing heavy. To ensure workstation privacy, the leg is provided with a vertical upright used for fixing the structural modesty panel. The upright, with a 20×20 mm section, is placed off-centre to ensure space for the visitor’s seat.

The 100 cm depth ensures a large working surface, available in sizes 180 – 200 – 220 cm, therefore making Velvet a top level desk for an executive office with unique features.

To keep up with the needs of contemporary flexible workspaces, the executive desk is proposed in a simple configuration, with extensions and service furniture.

The service furniture is available in two lengths, 120 and 165 cm, and can be accessorized with drawers, filing cabinets and shelves that allow you to have everything you need to support your work and to organize your workspace.

Each table has been designed to be easily connected without requiring wall sockets. Functional top accesses allow you to have power supply, USB sockets and network cables integrated in the worktop. A cable duct fixed to the structure under the table top conveys the cables to a housing compartment that conceals their descent to the ground.


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