Takk – task chair

Takk has a light appearance, with the possibility of personalising and enhancing the working environment thanks to the pleasant colours of the mesh backrest.

Takk is the right answer to the well-being of people who spend many hours sitting, because it is comfortable and versatile. With proper seating, damage caused by a static posture is prevented and work efficiency is enhanced, as the joints and muscles in the back and hip region are activated to support brain activity.

The regular circulation of blood and the supply of oxygen and nutrients are of fundamental importance for concentration, intellectual efficiency and emotional well-being. The Takk chair provides all the necessary freedom for the seated person, while at the same time exploiting the body’s natural tendency to find its own balance. The sequence of movements is harmonious and flowing, and the body perceives the naturally occurring impulses and follows them automatically.

The person sitting on Takk feels a feeling of security and a high degree of comfort and protection.


EMMEGI_Takk Abstract
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