designer: Favaretto and Partners

Stand By Project

Stand By Project is a versatile pod system that lends itself to multiple configurations and creates operational islands and relaxation areas within modern office spaces.

The system is composed of wired sound absorbing panels, available in three different lengths: 80 – 120 – 160 cm. Stand By Project is highly modular and allows you to create versatile and pleasant environments, while ensuring comfort and good soundproofing of individual spaces from background noise.

The panels are made of cold moulded polyurethane foam and consist of an internal self-supporting steel structure covered with an additional fabric covered padding.

The spaces created by assembling the modular panels can be enriched with desks, tables, shelves and also with sofas.


EMMEGI_Stand By Project Abstract
EMMEGI_Stand By Project Data sheet
EMMEGI_Stand By Project Colour chart