designer: Favaretto and Partners

Stand By Limbo

Designed to provide an effective response to the needs of privacy and concentration in open space environments where high levels of soundproofing are essential, the Stand by Limbo pod stands out for the highly technical and aesthetic characteristics that place it at the top of its category.

The self-supporting perimeter is composed by a series of steel panels, subsequently filled with cold injected polyurethane foam. The traditional fabric covering can also be enriched with certified soundproofing fabric to increase acoustic performance.

The side panels have an elegant tapering, in full respect of confidentiality, while the central panel can be prepared for the wiring of cables and the suspension of a monitor.

Internally Stand by Limbo is organized with comfortable sofas, which can accommodate up to four people, and a small rectangular or trapezoidal shaped table that ensures the operational functios and sharing of ideas.

The sofas, made on black or white painted steel frames, are designed to provide maximum comfort. Made with a plywood structure, they are then padded with flexible polyurethane and covered with fabric. The seat padding is also completed by a memory foam top layer.

Coffee tables are available in melamine or HPL. Elegant document holders are also available in black or white folded metal sheet and can be attached to the perimeter of the structure.


EMMEGI_Stand By Limbo Abstract
EMMEGI_Stand By Limbo Data sheet
EMMEGI_Stand By Limbo Colour chart