Poppea – multipurpose chair

A multifunctional system of comfortable polypropylene chairs with a minimal and attractive design suitable for different environments ranging from offices, workcafés, home environments, halls, meeting rooms, waiting rooms to training rooms. Poppea is the ideal monocoque for creating and experimenting with new social hubs and working approaches in corporate organisations. It fits easily and stylishly into social spaces that connect people and create a sense of belonging through meaningful interactions.

Poppea is available with a 4-leg frame (with or without armrests) or on a cantilever, both in polished aluminium or painted with epoxy powders in different colours to allow countless colour combinations to brighten up the environment and make it more pleasant. The enveloping and sinuous polypropylene monocoque is available in 9 original colours and in the upholstered and fabric covered version. There is also a special focus on sustainability and circular economy.

Poppea shells in Ocean and Grey are made from an innovative polymer composed of 100% regenerated and recycled materials, reducing waste to a minimum and promoting a circular economy. Under the seat shell, which is not visible, there is a casing that allows the polypropylene seat to be stacked up to a maximum of 8 pieces, while the upholstered version is 4 pieces.

The Poppea family has a lounge chair which, thanks to the generous dimensions of the seat (55,5 cm wide), makes it even more pleasant to use. The Poppea Lounge version is offered with a chromed steel cantilever base, a polypropylene shell available in 9 colours, or upholstered and covered. Poppea Lounge is the perfect mix to be placed in break areas, waiting rooms or wherever you want to offer a comfortable point of “suspension” from the work routine.

For schools and classrooms there is Poppea School. A removable anti-panic writing tablet can be easily added to the sled version with 2 simple interlocking movements. With a simple gesture and a “smart” accessory you can have 2 products in one, to be “customised” according to the needs of the moment.


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