designer: Luca Nichetto

Low table – lounge table

Low table is versatile because it also lends itself to becoming a practical seat for informal meetings, it also looks good on its own or when combined with other elements to create a multifunctional space.

Available in three different sizes (W. 100 cm D. 100 cm H. 25 cm; W. 60 cm D. 45 cm H. 35 cm and W. 35 cm D. 35 cm H. 40 cm) Low table is a lightweight table that can be easily moved.

The structure of the tables is the result of a careful analysis of the materials that led to the choice of a compound panel, consisting of an EPS core enclosed between two fireproof and non-toxic aluminium sheets.

The study of shapes, with angles that evoke the cut of a diamond, was born from the need to protect people from sharp edges.
The base is equipped with 5 felts to protect the surface in contact with the floor from scratches.


FREZZA_Low Table Abstract