In the community – waiting area product field, “heavy duty” products have been developed in the last twenty years, that, in addition to the metal structure, also offer steel seats and backrests, for obvious reasons of durability and resistance to the treatment to which they aree subjected.

It is generally known that, for example, in the airport waiting area seating field, there has been a shift from a highly elitist public to a “low cost” one, that explains the need to readapt airport structures.

Frezza together with the Emmegi division decided to interpret this need by developing a new reliable, high quality and easily available product. Kone was developed on these principles.

Kone is a modular seating system, entirely made of metal, designed to furnish waiting areas in public structures.

The product includes a unibody (seat and backrest) made from a curved and partially perforated steel sheet, painted with scratch-resistant paint and very resistant to vandalism and external agents.

The seats are connected to a rectangular beam supported by polished aluminium feet, equipped with adjustable feet to compensate for any unevenness of the floor. Armrests are also available, in aluminium with a polished finish, as well as the possibility to equip the seat, backrest or both with a padded and upholstered cushion.

The benches can fit from two to five seats, providing, in addition to the optional armrests, a classic top that can be used as a spacer between two successive seats.

Overall, Kone is a robust and reliable product which, at a competitive price, offers efficient furnishing for public waiting areas.


EMMEGI_Kone Abstract
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