Kiku – task chair

Kiku becomes indispensable, especially in cases where workplaces are shared, because thanks to the intelligent automatic weight adjustment system, it adapts perfectly to a wide range of users. At the same time, the backrest accompanies every movement of the user, thus allowing maximum freedom and healthy sitting in all positions.

The features that increase the feeling of comfort and contact are the adjustment of the lumbar support in depth by up to 12 mm operated by a button, and with mechanical movement, the height adjustment of the backrest by 75 mm, all aimed at maximising comfort and productivity.

The design features are also confirmed by the generous dimensions of the seat and backrest, which can be chosen complete with height-adjustable headrest (65 mm) and 36° tilt.

To obtain the configuration “desired” by the user there are the effective synchronised mechanisms of lockable adjustment in 3 and 4 positions, with adjustment of the resistance of the backrest in relation to the weight of the user and anti-shock backrest release system, the height adjustment of the seat by means of a gas pump. With the 4-position mechanism, the depth of the seat can also be adjusted up to 55 mm.

The seat is made of glass-fibre reinforced nylon, padded with anatomically shaped, cold-foamed, CFC-free flexible polyurethane.

The armrests can be adjusted in 2D (height and width), 3D with aluminium support (height, depth and rotation) and 4D (height, depth, width and rotation) with soft-touch pad that gives a pleasant velvet feel, and elegant 5-spoke bases in polished aluminium or nylon with 50 mm diameter self-braking swivel castors.

The different colours available guarantee liveliness to the environment in which it is installed.


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