Friend – chair

To complete the offer of the “education” and “lecturing areas” range, i.e. designed to furnish spaces dedicated to teaching and training, the Friend seating line was created, conceived to equip smaller classrooms and aimed at a more specific and sectorial training.

The product was conceived as a two-seater bench, whose seating system works by means of two articulated load-bearing arms with spring mechanism at the top of which the seat rotates 180 degrees on each side, controlled by a fixed-point return system. This system guarantees the free orientation of the seat towards the teacher or other points in the classroom, as well as the possibility to move the seat block outside the bench for extremely comfortable access. When the seat is empty, everything will always return to its initial position, ensuring perfect alignment of each element and therefore guarateeing a very pleasant view of the room.

The support of this “education” seating system is based on a sturdy beam made of a square steel tube with a welded base. From this element the arms and the support of the 2.5 cm thick white, gray or beech laminated top branch out.

The top is always protected by a 35 cm high metal layer that optimizes the acoustics .

All metal details are available in black or grey, while the seats are multilayered monostructures, available both in natural beech and upholstered with Emmegi technical fabrics, in a variety of colours.

The predisposition for the cable passage is very useful, thus providing each student’s seat with both power supply and computer data cable electrification, which represents an essential necessity in modern teaching.

In a nutshell, Friend is a very aesthetically pleasing modern product, that guarantees extreme comfort for the user and that can be easily equipped with all modern learning supports.


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