Ergotech PU – stool

Ergotech PU is the stool version for working environments. It is made of integral polyurethane, very resistant and soft, easy to clean and therefore particularly suitable for environments where rigorous hygienic conditions must be respected.

The swivel stool version has a kidney support and seat with rounded edge to facilitate blood circulation and non-slip finish. This model is also available in the sit-in-foot version, with seat tilt adjustment from 2° to 15°, a feature that makes it particularly suitable for work activities that require alternating sitting and standing posture.

The ergonomic swivel chair version has a shaped seat and backrest in soft integral polyurethane. The backrest inclination adjustment mechanism is in permanent contact.
The independent seat adjustment mechanism, with negative inclination (-7°), increases the angular opening between the spine and the pelvis: a useful optional for work situations where a forward inclined position is required. The backrest is adjustable in height. The height adjustment of the seat, the footrest and the 5-star base are identical to the Wood and Fabric version.

The stool is certified according to European standards EN 1335-1-2-3.


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