designer: Baldanzi & Novelli

Connexion – chair

Connexion is a system for lecturing areas, aimed to the furnishing of Educational Institutions’ gathering spaces and auditoria responding to any exigence in terms of quality, aesthetics and space planning. The tiered seating with combined desk is available with fixed writing surface or foldable one and takes advantage from a sturdy steel beams structure offering a modern look.

Special care was devoted to the legs design, providing not only the maximum clearance when occupying the seats but also, through and openable cover, the fitting of cable passage for wiring a/c power, telephone and data link, that can be installed on first assembly or retrofitted.

Seats and back available in varnished beech multilayer have a sleek look and they can be also provided padded and upholstered. The seat folding is ensured by a spring mechanism protected by an aluminium chassis.

Particular care was given to the foldable tables, operating by gravity and granting not only a panic-proof performance but also a long- lasting performance. This goes also for the quality of the modesty panel applied on the first rows and accessories such as the metal basket underneath the seat.

The Connexion system is mountable in any floor condition like flat, sloped, stepped floors with various inclinations or on curved rows.

The same system provides the usage of a simplified leg (not openable / inspectable) and fitted with a continuous backrest in perforated steel sheet, black or grey colour.


EMMEGI_Connexion Abstract
EMMEGI_Connexion Data sheet