Asset – meeting tables

Elegant and functional meeting tables complete the Asset collection – they are proposed in different variants, with panel legs, a tubular metal frame or on columns. The modularity makes them suitable for any type of space, creating functional meeting rooms with the desired dimensions.

The range of melamine and glass finishes give life to colour combinations and material contrasts, which embellish the tables making them suitable for any situation. To make it more solid, the 10 mm thick glass top is glued onto a 28 mm thick melamine top, for a total thickness of 38 mm. This allows it to be freely combined with the 38 mm thick melamine tops, creating different configurations.

The fixed table modules with sizes L. 240 cm and L. 280 cm, can accommodate from 6 to 10 people, while the modular elements allow to extend the composition of the table as needed by using different sized tops.

The 80 cm deep meeting tables facilitate collaboration and visual contact, because through the corner module that allows its continuity, they can be arranged in a horseshoe, boardroom or octagonal shape.

The Asset collection includes the mediawall system, a discussion and exchange station that supports users in a profitable way, allows them to share information, supports teleconferences and encourages aggregation between colleagues.


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