Antagonista – executive chair

The Antagonista range is designed to satisfy the tastes of this genre’s experts. The presidential seat version, of very generous dimensions (maximum height 123 cm – depth 64 cm and useful seat surface 46 cm) is complemented by two smaller versions, one with a medium backrest (112 cm) suitable for executive offices or, if used in pairs, as a visitor seat and one with a lower backrest (99 cm) typically used, on wheels or on runners, in meeting rooms. The range also features a cantilever base chair version with low backrest, primarily used around meeting tables, but also as a visitor chair.

The Antagonista collection presents a wooden version, where armrests, bases and cantilever frame are available in a light walnut and rose wood finish, with the clear intention of meeting the finishes of an executive environment made of these materials.

These executive chairs are composed of a plywood monostructure with soft polyurethane foam padding, equipped with a tilting mechanism that can be locked in four positions. The low-backrest swivel chairs can accommodate a fixed-point return mechanism. In the chrome-plated version, the armrests are comfortably upholstered, while the remaining metal details such as bases and cantilever frames can be supplied in chrome and black painted finishes. The key feature of this product is the real leather upholstery, but also, alternatively, the high-quality Emmegi eco-leather.

All in all, Antagonista is a very solid product that offers considerable comfort and a retro-style luxury.


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