designer: Paolo Favaretto

Agorà Bench

Using the same retractable seat as the Agorà Desk and its backrest and accessories, Frezza, together with the Emmegi division, has expanded its range to cover a further segment of the wide and varied community furniture market, in this case focusing on waiting areas.

The destinations of Agorà Bench within spaces dedicated to the public are multiple.

The product is divided into two to five seater benches that can be assembled together to form rows of the desired capacity, offering the option of a retractable seat where circumstances require it. A small table for objects or an anti-panic writing tablet can be added too.

The supporting structure of this simple but effective and versatile waiting room seat is articulated in a steel supporting beam of 8×4 cm and thickness 2 mm, painted black or grey, on aluminium feet available in black, grey or polished finish. Seat and backrest are the same as Agorà Desking, available in multilayer beech wood with protective varnish or with CFC foam padding combined with fabric upholstery from the very wide available range. The 50.5 cm interaxle spacing offers good comfort, while the seat height and seat depth (46 cm and 55 cm respectively) are always the same as in the Agorà family. A range of black, grey and polished finish aluminium armrests is available, that can be inserted between seats to increase comfort. In this case the interaxle spacing measures 54 cm.


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