designer: Favaretto and Partners


In 2011, in the wake of the timeless success of Agorà, Emmegi proposed to the Favaretto & Partners studio to design a new chair for the community: this is how Cavea was born, a chair that represents the natural evolution of Agorà, redesigned and updated in every detail: from the squared shapes to the study of construction details, from the choice of finishes to the assembly of component.

The choice of the name refers to the ancient Greek-Roman theatre terraces, where spectators, divided into social classes, used to take their seats to attend performances, games, or other types of entertainment. At the end of the project Paolo Favaretto writes: “The wish that I make to myself and to Emmegi, is that on this new seat people will be able to sit without any distinction of race, sex or census, and that it can represent an object appreciated for its comfort and its simple and essential aesthetics”.



EMMEGI_Cavea Abstract