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molino casillo
Frezza dresses up new Molino Casillo SpA
A monolithic white and orange element, that develops within 4 floors respectively 2 under and 2 over the grounds; this is the essence of the new realization that sees Frezza spa and its furniture as the real leading protagonist. 
The new site of Molino Casillo Spa, international leader in the production of semolina and boasting clients such as Barilla, Garofalo, Granoro and Pasta Zara, is located in Corato (Ba) on a surface of 5700mq. Followed by the architectural roman studio Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners, the new site is conceived as a rectangular box bloc developed on 4 floors for a total height of 10 mt, that hides technical offices, conference halls, meeting areas, general offices, control room, administrative and directional offices, where Frezza furniture perfectly integrate for functionality and aesthetic. 
Total White is the chromatic product choice, as in the case of wide operative loft areas or as in the more confidential, managerial posts, working areas where My Desk Collection with its containers  is declined in all versions. 
Big LINK meeting tables with glass shelves and white structures for meeting areas, even more functional thanks to the choice of walls units and storage elements Passepartout. Strict white  also for the presidential offices where the elegance of the CX collection becomes the characterizing element of these spaces.  
Large and bright areas filtered with a light discretion by Kristal Evo Wall, that allows perceiving the lively internal architecture and at the same time the surrounding of the building, as a courtyard  garden in the middle of the volume.
 kristal evo